Sarah Brewer

Professor of Mathematics at the
Alabama School of Math & Science*

Official Khan Academy Ambassador


Sphere everter

Founding member of the
Mobile Math Society

B.F.A. Art History & Ceramics, 2006
B.S. Mathematics, 2006
M.S. Mathematics, 2008
University of South Alabama

For teaching/math questions, email me here.
For art/commission inquiries, email me here.

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Islamic Geometric Design
Samira Mian tutorials
Drawing Islamic Geometric Designs Facebook group
AJ Lee's Notes on Islamic Star Patterns
Art of Islamic Pattern
Pattern in Islamic Arts - Links
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MA 360 History of Mathematics:
2018 Spring Syllabus
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On this day in Mathematics blog
Math History at University of St. Andrews
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MA 100 Intermediate Algebra:
2018 Fall Syllabus
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MA 101 Accelerated Algebra:
Winter 2011-12 Syllabus
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MA 104 Precaclulus:
Winter 2016-17 lecture notes
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Blank Matrix Guide
Guide to Graphing pt.2
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Precal videos on Youtube
MA 061 Geometry I:
2018-19 Winter Syllabus
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Ch 2-10 Definitions & Theorems
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MA 062 Geometry II:
2019 Spring Syllabus
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MA 103 Trigonometry:
Fall 2017 Syllabus
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Arc length and Angular Speed
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Solving Equations
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MA 201 Differential Calculus:
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MA 202 Integral Calculus:
Spring 2019 Syllabus
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Final Exam Study Guide
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Old Tests:
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MA 334 Real Analysis I:
2017-18 Winter Syllabus
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Scott Carter's Advanced Calculus videos

MA 410 AP Calculus Review:
Spring 2016 lecture notes
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Applications of Integrals
Differential Equations
Parametric, Vector, and Polar Functions
MA 207 Visual Mathematics:
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Journal of Mathematics and the Arts
Math Monday - Make Magazine 

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MA 307 Topology:
2018 Spring Syllabus
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topology definitions and theorems
classification of surfaces
Excellent list of internet resources
HW #1
HW #2
HW #3
HW #4
Closed sets, limit points, and continuity
Final Presentation and Report
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Jo Boaler's How to Learn Math

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Mobile, AL Origami Enthusiasts

Origami USA

Susan Williams Origami

Origami patterns:
   hyperbolic paraboloid
   video instructions for hyperbolic paraboloid

Origami wiki

Mathematics of paper folding wiki
History of Curved Origami Sculpture

The ASMS Allies Club has a closed facebook
   group. Let me know if you want to join!

Prism United
Rainbow Mobile
Center for Creative Living

Spectra for LGBT Mathematicians

Kinsey Scale
Dietary migraine triggers to avoid,
as prescribed by Dr. Buchholz
in this book

Short, free guided meditations by
Deanna Burkett, who has more at
Carnegie Mellon and U. Pittsburgh

Civil War Memory Syllabus
A Crowdsourcing Project About Confederate
Monuments and Civil War Memory:
From #NOLA to #Cville.

MBTI personality test
Multiple Intelligences Assessment

Favorite webcomics:
my life as a background slytherin
Strange Planet
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